How to choose you next web design company?

modern-web design company in egypt

modern-web design company in egypt

Choosing a professional web design company in Egypt is a hard task. There are a lot of web design companies in the market, and with different packages and prices. Today we will help you choose the right company for you, and your business.

  • 1- Modern Technologies

Not all websites are created equally. Some websites have a professional, and engaging design, others are just normal websites with normal designs. The technologies used to build websites are moving very fast. You need to be sure that your website will be built using the latest web standards, and technologies so that it won’t be outdated as soon as you launch it.

  • 2- Static Website ? Please don’t

A lot of clients are asking us if we can build a static website for them. Please Don’t!!!! This is 2018 and no one ever builds a static website any more. Actually the last time I have seen a static website being built was 10 years ago!!! Static websites are websites built using HTML & CSS only. These websites don’t have any programming language, just some blocks of code in some files. You can’t manage your static websites, and you will need a developer to do even the simplest tasks like replacing some text, or images. On the other hand, You can manage dynamic websites easily. You can edit your website content, add new pages, even manage users and permissions.

  • 3- Custom Coded Websites

If you are planning on hiring a web development team in your company to develop your web application, custom Coded website maybe a good option for you (I don’t think it is, but in some cases it can be beneficial). But, if you are searching for a web development company to build your websites, please don’t go for the custom Coded option. Using a well known CMS system or framework will be the best option for you. Popular CMSs and frameworks will have better stability, performance, security, and most importantly better support.

If for some reason you decided to stop working with your current web development company, you can easily find support, and hire another one. That’s why we always recommend using a CMS for all of our clients.

  • 4- SEO Optimized Website

When considering a web design and development company in Egypt. You must ask if your website will be SEO optimized or not. Having a website without any SEO optimization is like having a shop that no one can see. Any good web design, and development company in Egypt should build good SEO optimized Websites.

  • 5- Affordable Technical Support

This factor is one of the most important factors when to consider when you are looking for your next web design company. Affordable technical support will insure you that your website will be running smoothly without issues, or bugs. Any code in the world is prone to bugs, and issues, that’s why having an affordable technical support is very important.

Responsive Design with Bootstrap

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap, created by Twitter, is undoubtedly an open source front-end framework that will combines HTML, CSS and also JS to help you create responsive, interactive, mobile-first websites (learn more about our responsive web design in Egypt), and applications. It’s created to work on screen resolution or screen size like PC, Laptop, Tablets, and Smartphones.
It comes full of lots of UI elements, jQuery plugins and custom HTML and CSS components. It will help you provide a good, and consistent user experience.
Bootstrap is now used by a lot of major CMS players like WordPress which is the most used CMS on the internet.

Due to the fact Bootstrap 3 (and now Bootstrap 4 is ready) has been unveiled, Bootstrap has become mobile first. It means ‘mobile first’ types can be found throughout the entire selection instead of them in different files. You need to add the viewport meta tag into the element, to ensure proper copy and touch zooming in mobile devices.
width property regulates the width of the unit. Setting it to device-width will make sure that it is made across various devices effectively.
initial-scale = 1 . zero ensures that when loaded, your on line page will be rendered with a 1: 1 scale, with zero zooming will be applied out from the box.

What is Bootstrap Grid System?

Bootstrap uses a responsive fluid grid system that appropriately scales around 12 columns as the unit or viewport size boosts. It includes predefined classes regarding easy layout options.
We will understand the above statement. Bootstrap 3 is mobile 1st in the sense that the code regarding Bootstrap now starts by concentrating on small screen sizes, and resolutions, then scales up instead of starting with large screen size design then scale it down. Mobile first approach gives a better mobile usability, and performance.

Bootstrap allows you to create 12 columns and endless rows – hence the name 12 Grid System. So , let’s observe we can utilize this grid method to create various types of layouts.

Coming to grips with Bootstrap’s Grid System

Bootstrap’s uses a series of containers, rows, and columns to be able to layout and align articles. It’s built with Flexbox and is also fully responsive. To get started, the natural way, you’ll need to have the necessary property in your page to get Bootstrap working. If you’re new to Bootstrap, you can refer to our prior article Getting started with Bootstrap or perhaps my book Jump Start Bootstrap, to dig deeper.

Containers provide a means to center your current site’s contents. Use container regarding fixed width or container-fluid regarding full width.
Rows usually are horizontal groups of columns this ensure your columns usually are lined up properly. We makes use of the negative margin method onrow to ensure all your content is definitely aligned properly down often the left side.
Content should be inserted within columns, and only content may be immediate children connected with rows.

Thanks to flexbox, power columns without a set thicker will automatically layout having equal widths. For example , some instances of col-sm will each one automatically be 25% vast for small breakpoints. Spine classes indicate the number of content you’d like to use out of the likely 12 per row. Therefore , if you want three equal-width content, you can use col-sm-4.
Column sizes are set in percentages, consequently they’re always fluid in addition to sized relative to their mom or dad element. Columns have apaisado padding to create the gutters between individual columns, nevertheless , you can remove the margin by rows and padding by columns withno-gutters on therow.

How to use web fonts ?

Before we discuss using internet fonts from WordPress, let us take a step back and examine fonts on the internet generally. Web fonts are a great way to give your website a special and a professional design. You can’t imagine how much can using web fonts enhance your website readability and usability. Today it is very easy to use and create modern typography with mouse clicks and 3 lines of CSS code.

You need to define what sort of typefaces to use. Readability There are two major typefaces that are employed in web. The font needs to be clear and understandable. Web fonts are among the quickest way that is able to make your site appear modern, distinctive and stunning. For an internet designer, it’s important to be aware of the internet safe fonts, which can be safely employed. There are a number of web safe fonts that you may utilize to create your websites, all it requires is a small creativity to make them appear more attractive and utilize them to your benefit.

One other matter is that many organisations restrict the skins on users devices. I worked in an organisation whose computers needed San-serifs and Helvica. This was so that emails and letters sent by workers could be routed with a font that matched the identity.

Taking Advantage of Constructed and used Web Fonts


The purpose is to choose a selection of fonts that leave nicely on a variety of browsers in a variety of different settlements and zoom levels.

Regrettably, utilizing a font stack does not help if your viewers will be using handheld devices. Devices utilize Droid Serif Droid Sans, also Droid Sans Mono, although Helvetica Neue with a vast assortment of weights and styles are used by Apple iOS apparatus.

You’d probably want to get greater control on the way your WordPress pages seem than relying upon the built in fonts of a large number of operating systems and variations. By consolidating fonts, we can defeat it.

Today, let us look at the varieties of internet fonts out there (learn more about websfonts in design from DW DESIGNS | web design company in Egypt).

Huge webfonts library

The huge majority of available fonts have been accredited somehow. Portion of this price tag is the licensing of all these fonts, when you get a pc, tablet, or smartphone which has an operating system installed. There are a variety of approaches to utilize fonts in your web apps.

Embedded fonts are all character sets which are downloaded into your users’ computer in the third party stage to the time which the page is busy, and dropped once the page is shut. This permits the company but lets you show the font together with the need. You will find a number of companies. The most known are:

Google Fonts , possibly the most common free font assistance, the system provides more than 900 well-designed fonts, such as Lobster.

Adobe also supplies fonts using their Edge Internet Presence platform This ports directly with all the Typekit support (see below), however filters the paid fonts departing free Open Fonts.

Another factor worth contemplating is that the Open Font Library It includes over 800 fonts.

Each of the fonts on these programs, and a number of other people, utilize the Open Font Licence. The aims of this Open Font License (OFL) would be to stimulate global evolution of collaborative font jobs, to encourage the font production attempts of academic and linguistic communities, and also to supply a totally free and open platform where fonts might be shared and enhanced in partnership with other individuals.

The benefit of Open Fonts is that they’re publicly available to use in your sites without needing to pay annual license fees. The drawback is that your font might not have a complete selection of weights and styles.


Using fonts on  your WordPress website

Additionally, there are numerous plugins which permit you to use internet fonts onto your WordPress site, using Easy Google Fonts being among the very popular. By making changes, I am not likely focus but instead consider how to do so manually ourselves. Some topics in the marketplace come with web font choices.

The real code will differ from service to service. I will outline the approaches for Adobe Edge/Typekit, also Google Fonts. Services operate in manners that are similar. First however, don’t forget to copy your own site (or ideally operate on another development backup), and also operate on copies of those documents just in case something goes wrong. Styling adjustments ought to be made that your changes aren’t overwritten whenever the theme is upgraded with Child Themes.

There are 3 approaches (besides plugins) for showing external fonts onto your WordPress pages and articles along with Google Fonts: @import, connection, along with JavaScript.

Once you’ve chosen your web font, then click on the Quick-use button. If provided check the essential weights and fashions, along with also the character pair(s).

Next, you’ll have to opt for the procedure of embedding. The simplest technique is to bring the principle to file. In which you put the code inside the principles, it does not appear to matter. But, any material will be blocked by @import before it’s completed its task, from downloading. If you are considering using this technique for fonts you need to mix the requests.

The next technique is just as straightforward, it uses the hyperlink system and also the code is included on the normal tab. This moment the code has been put into the file. Set the code. After that you can add your pile and the title of this font. Don’t forget to put in it as the font mode, and also the font, followed closely by method fonts.

Here it’s worth noting that the Google Web design website says that when a script label is present prior to the @font-face announcement, then Internet Explorer will not display any webpage material before the font files have completed downloading. If the documents don’t download, then the Internet Explorer user left with a partially filled or sterile page. Place the @font-face statement as soon as possible from the document.
Insert the CSS code selectors as needed. From the case, I have added post-title to reveal as H1 text (Twitter Page and Post names are H1 text.) . I added sub-title that’s the subheading in the body text. Be aware that it’s a great idea to check that the titles aren’t already in use. By inspecting the components together with the Developer Tools on your browser, you can accomplish it. Do not forget to refresh your screen it may take a couple of minutes to your font to become available.
Ultimately, it is also advisable that you always specify both the font-weight along with font-style possessions every time you use a webfont. This makes it possible to keep control of the screen of this font across the plethora of platforms.

What is CSS3 and Why it is important

What is CSS3 ?

Programming languages offer computer programmers with the capacity to express computer algorithms. It is among the specific old programming languages that are still being used. It’s a markup language very similar to HTML.

CSS3 has put this to rest. CSS3 is the most recent edition of CSS, that has some quite cool new results. CSS3 delivers a wide variety of new tactics to make an impact with your designs, with many significant alterations. CSS3 also introduced quite a few new CSS properties.

Also CSS3 offers a vast selection of new trends to produce an impact using your web designs. CSS3 is the most recent edition of this language. CSS3 gives you responsive characteristics that permit the creation of responsive content without needing to define wherever your design splits.
As the size of CSS resources utilized in a project rises, the development team should choose a typical methodology to keep them organized. GoSquared real-time web analytics lets you comprehend what’s happening on your website at this time. It’s viewed as a protracted subset of Java. To make an animation in CSS3, you should specify two constructs in your CSS.

Some Uses of Css3

See the way you can make use of these animations on your site. In the event the animation has more than two steps, they may be listed using several steps as such. When these animations are easy to implement, don’t hesitate to tweak values in the stylesheet to obtain the appropriate effect. It is possible to now create stunning animations with CSS3.

Implementations are encouraged to pick a spacing that produces the corners symmetrical. You are going to learn the Integration of Bootstrap framework which is going to accelerate the development time and it’ll allow bringing a few great qualities to a site. The maturation of CSS3 will be split up into modules’.

Since lots of developers utilize flexbox, this can create lots of cross-browser accessibility difficulties. A developer should also think about availing legal advice to stop any losses caused by breach of contract. It is going to eventually make it simpler for developers to come up with cross-browser applications for the internet and portable devices. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or only getting started, you can start learning HTML5 and CSS3 offered each semester. Another good way to start to comprehend how the ideal CSS developers adapt sites is to check at a responsive site, in a scope of sizes, side-by-side.

The Importance of Css3

HTML 5 has an extremely intriguing and checkered history. CSS should stay informed about requirements, and the best method to do that provides adaptable tools in place of pre-packaged modules. If you prefer to find out more about 3D CSS, look at this comprehensive introduction. This isn’t what JavaScript is meant to do. In the event the browser doesn’t understand how to manage a CSS animation, it merely ignores the CSS rules. Then you see that it’s offered in only a couple of the largest browsers (and this never includes IE), so ultimately you opt to wait. It is commonly used online.

On top of that, CSS3 degrades gracefully, so if somebody’s browsing in Netscape Navigator, your website won’t break. To begin with, CSS3 isn’t 100% browser compatible, meaning that browsers that do not support all the CSS3 properties fail to render the entire functionality that the developer is searching for and finally, developers turn back to jQuery. Not just for images but jQuery’ is helpful for flashing texts also. It’s also going to demonstrate some intriguing examples utilizing advanced CSS3 practices. Usage of browser certain properties means that a site won’t ever appear identical in two browsers, but there’s not any reason to make them the same. Understanding how CSS selectors work is the secret to writing rules which impact the appropriate HTML elements. Jumping to CSS columns has many advantages in my personal opinion, you don’t have to use lots of maths, floats or content breaking as soon as the browser becomes resized by the user.